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Market Sales

Smith Sagar is based on New Smithfield Market in Manchester. Customers are welcome to come down to the market six days a week to view and select their chosen fish fresh from the stands. Our salesmen are on hand to provide each customer with their help and advice. The market is open 3am – 8am.

Visit Us at: New Smithfield Market Whitworth Street East Manchester M11 2WP

Delivered Sales

Our day starts at 2am to guarantee that deliveries are made to you, the customer, as early as possible. All deliveries are made in our own fleet of refrigerated vans, ensuring that the fish reaches its final destination as fresh as possible; going from the port to our customers within 24 hours. Deliveries are made six days a week.

Contact our Operations Manager Darren Beeston for further information.

Become a Customer

Please fill in our Customer Application Form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If you require any further information please contact our Sales Manager Jady Mir on 07891 636 896

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